Much like a triathlon, eventing is considered the ultimate horse sport. Originating from military roots the competition was created to demonstrate the versatility and strength of a working horse in the cavalry.
This exciting and dynamic competition requires horse and rider to contest three phases over three days. The first phase consists of a dressage test — a series of movements executed and judged on accuracy and quality. The second phase is a gruelling and testing cross country course that requires both horse and rider to be in excellent physical shape and to be brave and trusting of each other. They must jump a series of solidly built natural obstacles and gallop over 5 km of cross country tracks within a set time limit. In the final phase the combination proves their technical jumping skills and athleticism over a series of jumps that collapse when touched.

Eventing is the ONLY sport which is gender and age neutral — women compete against men, and young riders compete against masters, and all on equal terms!

Eventing in the Park is the pinnacle eventing and show jumping grand prix event in Western Australia with a first class field featuring the top 100 riders including Olympic competitors from both Western Australia and interstate. Eventing in the Park brings this exciting sport to Perth and the banks of the Swan River for the second year, where spectators will be able to view from the comfort of VIP Marquees these riders and their magnificent horses as they tackle a uniquely designed and challenging course. It will demand the ultimate in concentration and athletic ability if they are to take out the honor of not only winning the Eventing in the Park Grand Prix, but also driving away in the fantastic car on offer as first prize! Eventing in the Park is not only a showcase of this spectacular sport, but will also be the social event of the season, as Perth’s social elite celebrate and relax in style and comfort, in what is the royal sport of choice.

Eventing in the Park is bringing all the ‘best’ parts of an eventing and showjumping event, and condensing it into the spectacle of what is the 20/20 cricket version of the sport, in true Grand Prix style!